I Gave Up Speed Dating for Phones

By Bhavani Kannan
September 25th, 2017
Mutual Masturbation

I used to love doing speed dating events. I would sign up for all the ones that would pop up in my town. I thought they were a creative way to meet people. I thought i wa getting exposed to all of the people I really wanted to meet. But how could I have been when each event was really only full of 10-20 people to choose from? Plus every single dating event cost about 30 bucks. That may not seem like much, but some were more, and if you think of doing one every month or so until you meet Mrs. right, you gotta admit, that’s a lot of capital. So one time my buddy and I were out having a drink and he told me about this thing called a phone chat line. He said you could get a free trial to talk for free to chicks who were pretty hot and horny. He even mentioned that he had gotten a real life hook up from these lines.

So I tried it and I have to say it has worked out so well that I don’t ever go to speed dating events anymore. That’s because I thought I was reaching so many people but I really wasn’t reaching many people at all. THe phone lines have all the people I really want to meet because there are some seriously freaky people on the phones. The best part is that I made a new hook up buddy who lives just around the corner from me and we have casual sex all of the time. It’s a whole lot of fun and it all started on the phone. You may find something similar waiting for you on the phone so give it a shot. You’ll be happy that you finally did it!