The Phone from The Female Perspective

By Bhavani Kannan
October 21st, 2017

Being a girl on the phone is fun. It’s like other forms of online dating where guys definitely want you, but since they can’t see what you look like there’s not much “hey honey” or other type of annoying messages before you get to talking. People can’t say “nice tits!” until you tell them about what your tits look like, so I like it for that reason. I feel like sometimes with regular online dating it’s just fighting off guys who are kind of weird or rude, but with phone dating you only get to talk to one person at a time and if you don’t like them you can just hang up and try again. Of course the best thing I love about phone chatting for women is that it’s completely free for girls all of the time. That’s how they keep a good gender balance. Guys get a free trial but chicks get to talk for free for as long as they want. I love it! I can get connected to hunks who live near me whenever I want.

On Christmas I was feeling kind of lonely so I decided to try the chatline. My family lives far away so I couldn’t spend it with them. I picked up the phone and talked to this guy named Rick. We started to have some hot roleplay where I was Mrs. Claus and he was Santa and you can probably guess what happened next. The thing is that Rick was actually a really nice guy and I loved talking to him so much that by New Years we had hooked up in person and we were keeping each other warm all winter. Phone chatting for women is for real the best thing I have tried!