Don’t Pay Attention to Dating Clichés

By Bhavani Kannan
May 22nd, 2017
Phone Dating Advice

There are a lot of tropes when it comes to dating whether you are a single guy or a single girl. You might be stereotyped as someone who is an oaf, a ditz or a slut, but you know what, you don’t have to deal with dating clichés. All you have to do is be yourself! Along with these typecasts when you get your dating on your friends will surely want to give you phone dating advice. Here are some clichés that you can feel free to ignore when it comes to the dating world.

  • “Love like no one has ever hurt you.” This is one piece of BS that you can just ignore. If you don’t put any of your experiences into your current perspective, then all of the experiences you’ve had are for naught. Mistakes are for learning and you should keep what you’ve learned in mind!
  • “You know, Opposites attract!” This piece of advice is just awful. If someone is throwing down warning signs and red flags, you need to not ignore that. Opposites can be fun sometimes, but usually more for a casual sex experience, not a date or relationship.
  • Anytime anyone tries to give you a strategy as for when to have sex you need to ignore them. Whether you fuck someone right away or wait for a few dates to make it happen, you should just do whatever you want and whatever feels right in the moment.
  • “Being single is fun!” Being single is however it is for you. People who are married often rue the days that they were single and wish for it again. However, if you’re miserable being single then find someone using this phone dating advice on our lines!

Try phone dating as soon as possible and find a date.