Get Someone to Open Up on the Phone

By Bhavani Kannan
January 30th, 2017

When you are using phone dating chat lines you will definitely talk to a wide variety of people. Some people are tough nuts to crack and others will open up to you right away. If you get someone who is a bit more quiet and reserved, there are definitely some things you can try to get them to open up on the phone. These tips are more than conversation starters, they are ways to start a meaningful conversation with someone who is a bit closed up on the line. It’s rare to encounter someone like this, but when you do, following these tips will do you good.

First of all, when dealing with someone who is a bit quiet on free trial chat lines online, you need to try gentle approaches to get them to open up. If you are too rough with them, they might become even quieter. Most people who are shy are that way because of something that happened in their past, so they may be scared to share some of their personal details with you. When you find someone you like who is quiet, gentle probing is the way to go, versus loud questions or forceful styles.

The main thing you can do to get someone to open up is to be an example of how you want them to be. This means that you should be as open as you hope your phone partner is. When you’re done saying your piece, you should ask a gentle question like, “what about you?” to keep the conversation flowing and let your phone dating chat lines partner know that it’s a safe space for them to keep sharing their inner thoughts and experiences so you can get to know them better.