The Top Sex Trends for 2018

By Bhavani Kannan
December 28th, 2017
Dating Talk Circles

So, it’s time for a new year and you have probably hardly gotten a handle on the old one! 2018 is coming for us faster than a speeding freight train, so you had better get ready. There are some sex trends that look like they are going to happen in the world of sex toys, so keep your mind open and your pants down. If you want to try any of these toys you had better get on our dating phone chat line so you can talk about these developments with someone who is similarly interested!

  1. More Remote Toys

It used to be that sex toys could have a remote but it was attached to the toy by a wire. Now there are some great toys that can even be controlled from super far away through bluetooth and wifi, so you can easily maintain a long distance relationship with your phone friend or play with a cam girl who lives far away from you. This trend is only going to continue so you had better try it sooner rather than later.

2. High Powered Sex Toys

It’s already known that a magic wand is a girl’s best friend but the future is more powerful. There are going to be more saddle style toys that will vibrate you silly until you’ve had way too many orgasms. There are also attachments for guys on these toys like a floating ass and pussy that can attach onto the vibe for powerful fuck action. It’s like you’re really fucking a pussy or asshole!

3. More Toys in General

With so many wild toys and sex dolls being put out onto the market, sex toys are becoming less taboo, so you had better get one before they are yesterday’s news. They are the perfect thing to use with your phone friend!