Is Most Dating Advice Messed Up?

By Bhavani Kannan
May 10th, 2017
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If you are here looking at our phone line dating site, then you may have been out in the world looking at a bunch of dating stuff too. There is a lot of advice out there but most of it is actually kind of messed up! The people over at Psychology Today, a popular magazine focusing on mental health and the ways we interact with each other have come up with some reasons why most dating advice is bunk. You see, most online dating advice is about making yourself more attractive to a potential partner which usually involves masking parts of who you really are. That is not good dating advice because sooner or later your true self will come out, and it might surprise the person who you are dating. They will think they’ve gotten to know one way and now you are different. It’s better to just be yourself and for better or for worse, sooner or later you will attract the type of person you want to be around.

It’s better to just be yourself and the phone is the best way that you can meet someone who will appreciate your true self. This is because you can meet other people that you wouldn’t normally talk to. They live near you, offering a great chance for meeting up in person. There are also a large number of people on the phone line dating site we offer, so if you don’t find someone you like right away, then you can just keep trying!

So, pick up the phone and find out who is already waiting for you and remember – just be yourself. No need to be fake and try to attract people who will like you for who you are.