Phone Addiction Is More About Screen Time

By Bhavani Kannan
January 18th, 2018

When people talk about phone addiction these days, they are not talking about talking on the phone. They are talking about our constant need to be on the phone and looking at screens, constantly connected and playing games, checking social media, etc. There are some people who would even be considered an addict to these behaviors, but since it is so normal, they don’t ever think of it that way until they trip and fall – or worse – when they use their phones. However, it is important to note that when people are talking about phone addiction they are really talking about an addiction to screen time and that sort of thing. They do not want to stop people from talking on the phone lines. In fact, the people who are more against phone AKA screen usage would probably be very happy to hear about people talking on the phone to each other and having a good time that way. These people are the kind of person who enjoys the idea of “the good old days” when people used to do that all of the time.

If that sounds like you then you will want to get on a chat line as soon as possible. These are places where plenty of singles hang out on a regular basis. They want to get to know you so why are you keeping them waiting for so long? Get on the phone line after you find the number for your local area. Yes that’s right. The best part about these chat lines is that they are filled with people who live right near you. That makes the chances of you getting a hot hook up even higher than normal. When you talk to someone on the phone you can tell they are for real.