Be a Gentleman Even When it is Casual

By Bhavani Kannan
May 1st, 2017
phone relationship

Just because you are having a phone relationship with someone, or a casual dating one, doesn’t mean you can’t still be a gentleman when it comes to dating. Everyone deserves to be treated nicely and have things like doors held open for them and their chair pulled out if it is in a nice restaurant. However, being nice to your date can go beyond that. Here are some tips on how to be a gentleman in this modern dating era.

Have integrity – this involves being honest with your date from phone dating lines. All you have to do is tell them whether or not you want to see them or not. Be honest to make you both happy. It seems like it might be hard or scary but really you will both be more carefree at the end of the day.

Make time for your date – if you want to date someone, you have to make time for them. These days we can all be so busy but the great thing about phone lines is that you can always make a few minutes to talk to someone on the phone. Dates get frustrated if you say you like them but don’t have the time to spend with them in reality.

Be patient and don’t push anything – Patience is a virtue when it comes to any type of relationship, including a phone relationship. Don’t push anything, most people will come around eventually if things go well for long enough. Just keep putting yourself out there and remember that if things don’t work out, there are always a ton more people on the phone line to chat with and get to know. Find out who is here by picking up the phone and starting to talk! It’s that easy.