How Dating Affects Freedom

By Bhavani Kannan
June 21st, 2018

Dating changes life, people, and how they see the world. While many people believe that dating should not affect freedom, it is a tough ideal to live up to. It may even be impossible. Here are some effects that people’s thoughts about freedom may have on relationships, in addition to a few signs that show the relationship may not be the best for you.

Taking people at their word can be hard to do sometimes, but when people tell you about their personality it may warrant further conversation and elaboration if their thoughts and views on relationships differ from your own. An excellent example is people who say they do not want to get married. They may be able to offer financial security and fun, but if that lifelong commitment and the concept of marriage are significant to you, further discussion may be needed.

Another sign that a person has an immense focus on their freedom is the lack of wanting children. This is not a bad thing at all, but if one partner wants to have children and the other one doesn’t, it may be time to have a further conversation or let the relationship go.

Many people date with the desire to be the person that their partner values more than anything else, and when this is the case it can be hard when it seems that they value something else more. Whether it be their freedom, money, work, or another thing, people need to talk about their priorities and be open to changing them, or dealing with them differently, if a serious relationship is essential to them.

It is possible to maintain a good amount of freedom by valuing your partner’s individuality. That said, long-term relationships and relationship steps like moving in together may make it necessary to have more conversations about needs. Not all relationships need to think about freedom within the relationship, but being open to change and more importantly communicating and prioritizing needs, is a key to successful dating. Here, phone dating can be a catalyst for something wonderful. Once you find it, treat it well.