Phone News: Celebrity Chris Pine Uses a Flip Phone

By Bhavani Kannan
May 9th, 2017
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Celebrities, they are just like us! You might be dissatisfied with your phone when you talk on the sex and dating phone line. You might wish you had a cool smart phone instead of your boring landline or brick phone, or even your flip phone that hardly connects to the internet! There is at least one celebrity out there who isn’t afraid to admit that he never signed up for the newest phone around, and he doesn’t even have plans to. Chris Pine is a guy who is most well known for his roles in the latest Star Trek movies over the past few years. He is a cute guy in his mid 30s with piercing blue eyes and some great muscles too. Now he is about to star alongside Gal Gadot in the newest Wonder Woman flick.

He admitted in a recent interview that he gave up his smart phone technology for a flip phone because he wants to become more simple. All he really needs to do is contact people. He doesn’t really need everything else that can be done on a smartphone. Of course it’s a bit different to have a flip phone by choice rather than necessity, but almost everyone can relate to wanting to disconnect from the constant communication that we all have every single day. However, he says there is one downside, that it is really hard to text! Luckily on a sex line you don’t really need to text at all. You just flip open your phone, dial the number and get started talking to strangers for absolutely free!

When it comes to a sex and dating phone line, you don’t need the most advanced phone to use with apps, you just need to have the ability to dial a number and talk.