The Real Reason Behind Your Sex Dreams

By Bhavani Kannan
July 18th, 2018
Sex Dream

Pretty much everyone passed puberty has had a sex dream about someone special in their life, whether it be someone you want to fuck or someone you really want to date. Sometimes these sex dreams confuse us because of the person in it, the details in the dream or just why you had it that night. Also, it can make a person ponder if the sex dream becomes a wet dream or not.

We all fantasize during the day (some more then others) about that one crush or that super hot hook up you had the other day, but when the person comes into our dreams what does that actually mean? Here are the real reasons why your ex, crush or complete stranger are entering your dreams while you sleep.

It’s not all about sex: Lauri Quinn Loewenberg, a professional dream analyst and author says that having a sex dream about someone doesn’t always mean you’re attracted to them and want to just bang them. It actually has a lot to do with more then just sex, like you seeing a certain quality in them that you want to connect to, which brings them up in your dreams. You might’ve seen them do an act of kindness or had a deep conversation with them that made you constantly think about them, even in your sleep.

They may want you, too: Irwin says that dreams are a “reflection of the dreamer’s current state of interpersonal life,” which why you shouldn’t just take these dreams as a joke. The person in them may actually want to be with you in reality.

There are all different types of sex dreams like sex with an ex, if you’ve been with them for a longtime it is typical for you to dream about them. There is also sex with a boss or worker dream where you actually don’t need to call up HR. According to Loewenberg, your boss is a symbol of power, so if you have a sex dream about them it means you need start working towards being a symbol of power. Sex with a stranger is the most common sex dream, having a dream about a strange shows us what we want in person or sexual partner.

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