Meditation is Good for Sex

By Bhavani Kannan
April 21st, 2018
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Is your sex life suffering? Perhaps you just need to inject a little bit of mindfulness into the equation. A new study shows that meditating could be good for your sex life. Meditation is not just for hippies these days. A lot of people are giving it a shot, people who are unlikely meditation fanatics. So this new study which studied women up to age 70 found that out of 450 ladies, 193 meditated regularly. Those who reported regular meditation practices had higher levels of sexual satisfaction and sexual function. It was found to help with many different aspects of fucking including how wet they got, ability to orgasm and other important factors. Some experts believe that is meditation’s power of general mood improvement that does these magical results. It’s hard to say if meditation is the cause of good sex or if people who like to have good sex like to meditate, but either way, the connection is undeniable.

Do you want to start meditating? It’s easy. Just look up some information online. There are plenty of videos online with guided meditations or great music to veg out to. Finding out how to meditate can be a great thing to try. If you want to give it a shot, go for it! Then get on our sex phone lines to find other people who have what you want. They have the hot chatting that you have been dreaming of and they are familiar with the types of fantasies that you want to talk about. There is someone on here for everyone so get on and stop wishing you could find X or Y. It is definitely right here and that means you will definitely have a good time on our sex phone lines.