Most Sexually Satisfied Residents by State

By Bhavani Kannan
July 12th, 2018

Are you living in a state that is constantly having sex? Well, if you’re not you might be moving after you read this or calling up the state’s local phone line for a horny single. Sexual satisfaction is based on many things, but a new survey from Lovehoney states that sex satisfaction can be linked to your state. Let’s just say if you’re in the Bayou State your sexual satisfaction is on point. Here are the most sexually satisfied residents by state.

Residents of certain states were asked to rate their sexual satisfaction on a scale of 1 to 10 with 1 being not fulfilled and 10 being very fulfilled, those from Louisiana had the highest score of 9.1. Kentucky ranked second with a score of 7.8, seemingly low compared to the state of Louisiana, maybe because of Bourbon Street?
Maryland (7.6), Illinois (7.1), Wisconsin (7.0), Virginia (6.9), Georgia (6.7), Texas (6.7), Massachusetts (6.6) and Ohio (6.4) round out the top 10 of sexually satisfied states across the country. Surprisingly, New York and California were held off the list with them being more free loving and liberal states. It could be a factor of quantity of quality, the more sex doesn’t always mean the best sex.

If you’re hitting up singles in these states does it mean if you tie the knot your sexual satisfaction is greater? This survey says around 63 percent of married Americans rated their sex life between 5 and 9, compared with 53.6 percent of unmarried Americans. According to age, 41 and 45 year olds reported the highest rates of sexual fulfillment. The bottom of the list was actually Millennials, with only a 8.1 percent rating their sexual fulfillment at a perfect 10.

So, does this mean we should all get married and move to Louisiana in our 40s? Probably not, but it’s always interesting to see sex data like this to see who really comes out on top. These stats are good so you know if you need to step you sex game up if you are in the top states of sexually satisfied people. You don’t want to call up our phone lines in Louisiana if you don’t know how to throw down in the bedroom. Also, all you horny singles need to pick up the phone and call our live phone chat lines to bump up the 53.6 percent of unmarried Americans rating their sex life between 5 and 9. We have so many hot and horny singles to connect with that we’re sure that number will sky rocket.