Silly Dating Advice that is True

By Bhavani Kannan
July 11th, 2016
couple and other people

Some dating advice is just hilarious. There are tips and tricks that will make you guffaw and spit out your morning coffee. However, these funny tips are probably pretty useful so hopefully you actually remember these funny dating quips once you’ve stopped laughing!

  1. Don’t brush. Experts say that brushing food off your date’s face is a big turn off. This might sound funny but think about it “Hey sexy, you’ve got a big chunk of tuna salad on your cheek,” doesn’t really lend itself well to getting past 2nd base.
  2. I-lash you. Some people suggest that using a loose eyelash as an excuse to get close to your honey’s face for a first kiss is a great idea, however, they caution against actually waiting for an eyelash to fall upon someone’s cheek! You can just pretend there is one there. Remember, they can’t actually see their own face.
  3. No tickling. Many dating experts say that while people think tickling is a good way to touch your date, it’s really something that will actually get you into the friendzone. Think about it, you only really tickle your friends when you’re being kind of silly.
  4. No Matchy Matchy. If you know what your date is going to be wearing, don’t try to match them. That will be weird and could make you seem kind of creepy. Matching is only acceptable when you know someone a bit better.
  5. Social Etiquette. Don’t post pictures of the two of you together to social media until you’ve reached a  certain point in your relationship. Make sure that your steady date is OK with it too.

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