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When Singles Dating, The Only Choice Is Talk121Andre from Tuscan writes...

If someone was to tell me that I’d be playing Monopoly with a group of people that I’d never met before after talking to a girl on a service called talk121, I’d call you crazy. Meeting women, going out and meeting friends has never been or never will be an issue for me. One of my buddies told me about this free service called talk121 and all the fun he was having joking around and stuff. So I gave it a try for goofs and met a wicked girl named Shirley. I sifted through about 6 different girls looking for one from Tuscan when I found Shirley. We had so many things in common it was very creepy. She had no problems inviting me over to a get together at her house and we played Monopoly all night. Shirley was very cute and she told me she was very impressed with me. We’ve got another date planed this weekend. I think she’s a keep. Thanks talk121!

Singles Dating with Talk121 Is The Best!Dale from Detroit writes...

I hate to say it but having the same boring conversations with my girlfriend about work and money was really starting to get on my nerves. When I finally get some time to myself in the downstairs office I use the office line to chat the night away on talk121. It’s so exciting to chat with horny young girls again before heading to bed with my beautiful wife. There are so many young girls on there that love to let their wildest desires be know to guys like me. I put a minute package on my credit card and was pleasantly surprised to see that no addiction charges or hidden costs were there. It was cheaper than renting a couple movies and now I have all the opportunity to talk to all the women I want. I talk about anything from steamy sex scenarios to what I had for dinner two nights ago. Talk121 has been a great place to relax and have some fun for me and always look forward to signing on.

I Can’t Believe How Easy This Has Made Singles Dating!Darcie from Vancouver writes...

To this day my body tingles with delight when I think about Ryan’s sensual voice helping me fall a sleep. We started chatting together one winter night on the singles dating talk121 chat line when it was too cold and snowy for me to venture out of my apartment. He unfortunately lived across the country so there was no way to meet in person and I have since lost contact with him. He knew just want to say to help me drift off to sleep while feeling pleasured beyond belief. I spent many nights since losing touch with him on talk121 searching for a nighttime person to fall a sleep chatting with. There are plenty of hot guys with good hearts to laugh with on talk121 and its fun trying to find a match. Ryan if you’re out there I miss you. And to all the other guys I love talking with you too. Xoxox.

  • Hot Phone Chat with singles across the USA
  • Hot Phone Chat with singles across the USA

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