Phone Flirting Tips

By Bhavani Kannan
January 28th, 2017
Singles Phone Chat Lines

Even if you’re a flirtation master in real life, you might be a little rusty as for how to flirt on the phone. The good news is, flirting on singles phone chat lines is really the same as in person, and the same types of tips apply to anyone who wants to get better at flirting in person or on the phone. The first major thing to remember for flirting is that relaxation will yield better results. Some people feel like they are pretty loose after having a drink, so maybe treat yourself to a little one before you pick up the phone, or simply get loose whatever way you know how.

Chat lines number flirting requires confidence so do whatever it takes to get confident in yourself. Maybe that means you put on a pair of sexy undies, or you close your eyes and think about all of the ways that you are awesome before you get on the phone. Remember that confidence will translate into sexy flirting that could lead to an in person date or getting a real person’s phone number!

Flirting is also all about compliments – but only genuine ones. If you think your phone partner is funny as all heck, let them know. If you admire their career choices or altruistic hobbies, tell them so! You can never go wrong by telling someone what you like about them in a smooth way.

The one thing to keep in mind about flirting on singles phone chat lines is that flirting doesn’t always mean sexual. Take your cues from your flirting partner, and if they take things down a sexy road, you can go there, but if you don’t want to go to that then you can simply keep your flirting rated G. Now get to chatting and flirting, stat!