Iditarod is the Perfect Place for Alaska Dates

By Bhavani Kannan
March 1st, 2017
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If you live in Alaska it can be hard to meet people. Sometimes people who like each other are separated by great distances and picking a place to meet up can be hard. However, if you try a singles phone chat, you will probably meet someone great who lives near you. Some people think there is not that much stuff happening in Alaska, but if you want to take your date to something really special, you should check out the Iditarod. It’s the legendary dog sled race that travels all over the state, however, most fun events for the race take place in Anchorage. You and your date could head down there and send off the racers with a great start and enjoy a fun weekend in town.

During this time there are lots of parties and fun nights out, and this year the Iditarod starts on March 4th. It’s a classic sport and event in the state, and one that it is well known for. Some would say it is the quintessential thing about Alaska. If you’ve been using a list of top chatline numbers to meet new dates but haven’t met anyone yet, you should give this event a try as a way to get someone to have a great time with you. Who knows, after you watch the race send off, you may be feeling frisky from all the excitement and get to have a real great hook up.

Alaskans know how to do it right and in March the worst part of winter is starting to fade away and people start to come out a little bit more. Keep warm and make a new connection with someone from singles phone chat if you want to have a date for the Iditarod!