Stop Ghosting Yourself and Get What You Want

By Nikia Ketterling
June 6th, 2020

There has been plenty of talk of ghosting recently and in some senses, all people are having to ghost one another because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Where things can get sticky is if you find yourself ghosting yourself. What does ghosting one-self look like? It may look different for different people. Ghosting could come as a form of a self-promise. Perhaps you told yourself that you would run three times this week but you didn’t do it at all. That in itself may not be called ‘self-ghosting’ but if you do that to yourself in multiple ways it may be possible that you’re hurting yourself more than keeping yourself to your self-appointed commitments or responsibilities. If you want to have sex and aren’t being active with strangers due to the pandemic situation, it makes sense. However, you don’t have to completely stop your fun. 

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If for one reason or another, you don’t get along swimmingly with someone you meet on the trial sex chatlines, there’s no reason to remain on the call. Say goodbye and move on to someone else. There are hundreds of individuals active on the phone chat platform and plenty of them would love to experience wild phone sex with someone like you. Learn to say what you mean and mean what you say by chatting it through on the phone chat platform. There’s no better time than now to experience phone sex and other kinds of conversations.