How To Talk Dirty On The Phone With A Cougar

By Bhavani Kannan
August 3rd, 2018

There are millions of people around the world who have fantasies about sex with older women on a free chat trial. A cougar is an older woman that seeks pleasure and adventure from college men, and sometimes women too. Having phone sex with a cougar has a lot of benefits and can be an extremely hot proposition.

As older women, cougars are often confident about where they are in their life and familiar with what they are looking for. Because of this, the communication about sex and the awareness of what turns other people on are both things that they can be very good at. The first part of talking dirty to a cougar on a phone sex line, or in general, is to remember that they have been through a lot of living thus far. Most cougars do not put up with bullshit and will call you out on it if you bring it into a conversation.

It is ideal to start a conversation with normal catching up, but when you call a phone sex hotline, cougars are happy when you get straight to the point. Communication about some of the specific things that are on your mind in terms of fantasy will help make your phone sex cougar friend happy, which in turn will give you a better experience.

Cougars are unique, and because of the vast amounts of experience they often have it is best to keep an open mind. Many cougars have tried things that you have not, and most often the things that they have are quite tried-and-true and turn on many individuals. Phone sex on a free chat trial with cougars is a great way to learn more about sex and about your sexuality. This site is the perfect place to get your start with phone sex and cougars. Take advantage of a free phone date with a woman that is sure to tantalize and please.