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You Won’t Believe The Teens You MeetTammy from Tampa writes...

Talk 121 is the greatest way to meet hot new guys, bar none. The teen phone chat line that they have is totally action packed with excitement every time I've ever been on it. It's completely safe and I've never encountered a creepy guy so far. I have so many messages in my inbox on a daily basis I can hardly keep up with all the chat requests I get. I'm dating a guy that I met on Talk 121 and before we got together we had a chance to get to know each other by listening to our each other's respective profiles and we could have been more alike. We're going out for ice cream tonight and we're going to his parents' cottage this coming weekend. I'd personally like to thank Talk 121 for hooking me up with this great guy and adding excitement to my life again.

Teen Phone Chat On Talk121 ROCKS!David from Boston writes...

I just turned 19-years-old and my parents moved me into my first apartment in the city to attend university. I was new to the city and was having a little trouble meeting friends to hang out with, let alone a girlfriend to be with. A close friend of mine informed me that he was in the early stages of a relationship with a girl he met on of the Talk 121 singles network. I gave Talk 121 a try and setup a profile that explained my current situation, stating that I was a young teenage student who was new to the area. Lone behold, just 24hrs later, I checked my messages and I had three different girls asking me to connect with them. I chatted the night away with all three of them and soon realised that Talk 121 had the best teen phone chat going anywhere. One of the girls happened to be attending the same university as I was at and we've been hanging out every night after classes are finished. I definitely recommend Talk 121 looking for new friends or a date.

Every Other Teen Phone Chat Is Lame In Comparison!Sandy from Chicago writes...

Now that I'm finally eighteen my parents have given me permission to go out on as many dates as I want and return home without a curfew. Most of the guys my age are complete dorks so I've enjoyed talking to men in their mid twenties every night on Talk 121. I've always enjoyed teen phone chat but now that I'm of age I prefer talking to more adult like men who have a little something more to offer than guys my age. Since I discovered Talk 121 in June I've met so many guys that I can hardy keep track. I've been to a wedding, a baseball game and I went to an all-ages after-hours nightclub to watch some amazing DJs spin some incredible music, all with guys I met on Talk 121. The system was so easy to use and I've chatted for hours every night without paying a penny on the free trial line.

  • Hot Phone Chat with singles across the USA
  • Hot Phone Chat with singles across the USA

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