Do 18+ Teenagers Enjoy Phone Sex

By Bhavani Kannan
April 8th, 2019
Phone Sex

It’s not a secret: young adults love phone sex! We may be tempted to think that millennials prefer to communicate via instant messaging or chat, but that is not necessarily true when it comes to sex and talking dirty to a stranger!

But the ones that are most passionate about sharing their fantasies over the phone rather than on dating or sex-related websites are women. For them, sexting may feel cold and not passionate enough. Most girls hate when their followers on Instagram or Twitter suddenly start asking for sex chat, or even worse, send them an unsolicited dick pic.

So, why do young women prefer phone sex? Because it’s way more intimate: it forces the guy to actually flirt with them rather than just typing on a keyboard and to try seducing them with the sound of his voice.

Over the phone, a girl feels empowered to say what she wants and doesn’t want out of the dirty conversations, and she can always end the call at any time if things become weird. Of course, even on social media and instant messaging, she can block someone, but things happen so fast that she isn’t often able to avoid the unsolicited dick pic or unwanted message before it happens.

But there are also plenty of millennial guys that actually prefer phone sex in comparison with other means of chatting online. For example, sexy webcam websites are very popular, but on there you can mostly find professional performers and not amateurs. A young man who wants to connect with real-life girls his age will most likely prefer a sex number for his naughty adventures.

Also, don’t forget that many 18+ teens are actually quite tight on money. Many of them are students, and can’t really afford sexual entertainment. So, they’re very happy when they can enjoy a free trial phone sex number and test the service before budgeting some money for it. They also like numbers where girls can call for free to talk with men: there are plenty of them! On some phone sex lines, guys too can call for free.