How to Tell if It’s Really Flirting

By Bhavani Kannan
July 26th, 2016
Flirty girl on the phone

When someone is flirting with you, how will you know if they’re flirting or if they’re just being nice? It is a hard line to draw, and an even harder one to decipher. We’ve got some clues that can help you figure out the difference between flirty interest and just a fun conversation. This type of information is essential on Talk121 chat lines because you will be talking to all sorts of different people finding a date!

The most important thing to listen for on the chat line is the other person’s tone of voice. Are they making sexual innuendos and giggling a lot? Can you practically sense the blushing in their voice? Then they are probably flirting with you. If they are simply making polite chatter, then that falls more on the side of a pleasant conversation and may not be flirting.

When the other person on the line hints at getting together for a date, that is also a sure sign of flirting. People don’t talk about meeting in person on a chat line unless they really want to. If the person on the other end of the line is talking about going out in the future, you may want to take the step of being the one to initiate some solid conversation about the dating logistics.

As with any chat line dating, you’ll have to listen well and give off the right signals to attract the kind of person you’re looking for. Listening is the most important thing to see if the other person is really flirting with  you. Most people like to flirt a little but by listening to the cues of a bit of sexy talk and talking about dates, you can determine if a person on the other end of a Talk121 line is really interested.