The Best Things to Wear to Feel Sexy During Your Phone Chat

By Norene Goldwire
October 6th, 2022

We all enjoy looking and feeling attractive, especially when we’re looking to hookup! Feeling like our partners find us more attractive than anyone else gives us a serotonin boost that makes us a little braver in the bedroom and more confident to try new things. But why is this important on the phone? Why go through the effort of looking nice or wearing something sexy, as opposed to sweatpants or crocs?

The answer is actually simpler than you would think: because feeling sexy makes us more confident, just like in-person encounters. The feeling of confidence that you get from checking yourself out in the mirror and realizing how attractive you are translates into seductive confidence and will bring out a certain amount of playful sexual mischief that you wouldn’t necessarily feel, otherwise. Sweatpants or yoga pants just don’t make us want to get frisky, and, instead, makes us want to rub one out and be done.

So how do you figure out what makes you feel attractive and sexy? Different people enjoy different looks, and different body types wear different materials better than others. Start with a broad idea of what you would like to try, then start narrowing down your specific looks. For example, do you feel sexier in lingerie, bathing suits, or a kinky or slutty little outfit? Once you figure that part out, the details become much easier to pin down.

Once you figure out the general type of outfit you want to wear, start exploring fabric types. Some people enjoy the look, feel, and scent of leather, whether it’s authentic or synthetic. Others prefer the soft abrasiveness of lace and the small glimpses of skin through the holes while it rubs across their body. Some would rather have something like silk or velvet and the smooth, tender, light touch that makes it feel like liquid fabric pouring across their most intimate areas. Different fabrics bring different sensations, so figuring out what feels best for you will help turn you on before you dial that first number.

Next, decide on a pattern and color. Some people enjoy leopard print, some look better in polka dots or stripes, and others prefer the simplicity of solid colors. Whether it’s red, pink, yellow, blue, or neon orange, decide what color and designs look best on you so that you feel as sexy as possible. Who knows, maybe your phone chat will turn into sexting, and you’ll get to share your stunning look with your sexy phone partner!

Last, but certainly not least, find the cut that best suits your body. Whether that means a string bikini, a lacy corset, a banana hammock, or a barely-there bralette, everyone’s body shape is slightly different, so different cuts or styles look better on different individuals. Finds that perfect cut that makes you do a double take when you pass the mirror. If you can’t find the right length, then alter the outfit at home so it becomes the perfect style for you! Your perfect style will not always come off the rack that way, sometimes we have to add that extra professional’s touch.

No matter what you decide on, find something that makes you want to have your phone chat while watching yourself in the mirror. The confidence boost that it gives you will make your entire sexual chat more enticing and liberating, giving you the ultimate orgasm in the end!