Are you Asexual or Aromantic?

By Bhavani Kannan
June 15th, 2018
Totally Sexual

Asexual and Aromantic are two different types of sexual orientations. They are often celebrated during pride month but they aren’t really connected to being gay or bisexual. However, they are certainly different than the usual type of dating thing that people do, so it’s worth knowing about them. Maybe you are one of these unique orientations! Knowing about them could strike a realization that you haven’t heard about before. Whether or not you are or are not asexual, aromantic or totally sexual, you could still benefit from chatting on a chat line. That’s because there are so many people on these lines who want to get to know you for you, even if you’re not that interested in banging or getting into a relationship. So, here’s all about it!

Asexual people don’t really have an interest in sex. However, they may decide to have sex for other purposes like procreation, pleasing their partner or making a relationship work. Some asexual people see sexuality as a compromise for emotional intimacy while others avoid it like the plague.

Aromantic people are sexual, but they don’t have an interest in romance or emotional intimacy. They may have a lot of friendships but no romantic relationships, and they may have several friends with benefits relationships to release their sexual energy but not get into relationshpis.

There are also people who fall into the grey area. They’re not as sexual or romantic as “usual” or “normal” people (what is normal anyways?) but they aren’t completely asexual or aromantic either. These people are often referred to as greysexual, as they are not in the black or white area of asexuality, but are more in a grey area. If you want to explore yourself more, get on a phone chat line to find out these answers, and talk to other people who might be going through the same thing as you are!