Ways to Get Her to Open Up

By Ellena Osment
March 18th, 2021
Phone Chat Line Free Trial

Talking to a sexy stranger on the bust a nut chatline may seem a little daunting when you’re new to phone sex but it doesn’t have to be. By using good communication and active listening skills, most conversations on the chat platform will go the way you hope they will. You can ask your phone pal some questions to get her to open up with you and responding authentically will make it better for both you and your new phone friend. Be sure to express yourself, and be in the present moment and see where the conversation naturally flows. 

All you have to do to get started is to dial one of the phone sex numbers from your mobile phone. You will then be connected to someone new and can take it from there. Most of the time you’ll meet friendly and horny individuals who are so excited to talk dirty with you but from time to time you may meet someone who doesn’t see eye to eye with you. Should that be the case, say goodbye and end the phone sex call because you can easily redial back into the platform and speak with someone else. 

Live phone sex is unlike any way of relating to others sexually. You can use your imagination and even co-create fantasies and role-playing scenarios with your phone partners. Every time you dial in you’ll have a different experience, like a brand new flavor of ice cream. You never know who is going to answer your call next and that’s part of the excitement. 

In terms of helping your phone friends open up with you, think about what makes you open up with strangers. For me, it’s honest communication that’s friendly. I also love when I truly feel heard. So use active listening skills and see what comes from that.