What Does Top Mean in a Relationship?

By Ellena Osment
July 17th, 2023
What Does Top Mean in a Relationship

Being top or bottom in a relationship can be a kind of kink. It can also be about power dynamics and on-going consent. It’s important to think about these things when you’re in a sexy situation.

In sexy contexts, top is usually used to describe people who enjoy penetrating their partner. It can also mean people who like to give during intercourse, like oral sex or rimming.

Tops are people who like to take a more active role in sex

Gay men can be accused of fetishism for enjoying top positions, but the truth is that everyone has different preferences in a relationship. It’s important to communicate with your partner about their role and power in sex, and never assume what that will be based on how they present or their physique. A recent study found that sex-oriented people who label themselves as “tops” prefer partners with more masculine features, while those who identify as “versatiles” and those who don’t label themselves a particular sexual position like to partners with more feminine features.

A lot of straight people get hung up on titles and roles in queer relationships. Terms like op, bottom, vers, and switch may sound like Bop It! directions, but they are actually sex identifiers. These sex preferences are usually used to describe the power dynamic and physical position in missionary-style intercourse, fingering, oral sex, or other sexual scenarios. They can also refer to more abstract concepts, such as a preference for giving or receiving during sex, which some people call a “stone top.” These kinks are not necessarily permanent and are often dependent on the situation.

Bottoms are people who like to receive during sex

Bottoms are people who like to receive during sex, whether that be oral sex or penetrative anal sex. They often relinquish control during sex and follow the lead of their partner. They may also enjoy rimming or mutual masturbation. While most bottoms are happy to top occasionally, some prefer to be topped only and are known as hard bottoms.

In the queer community, tops, bottoms, and versacles are terms that refer to sexual preferences. These can include the way in which sex is had, but are more often about how power is distributed in a relationship.

Most gay men identify as tops, bottoms, or versatiles in BDSM relationships. This is reflected in their requirements for partners’ sexual positions. For example, men who require their partners to be the top have masculinized facial features, whereas those who require their partners to be the bottom have feminized faces. This finding supports previous studies that found gender-specific facial morphology is related to sexual self-labels and preferences.

Tops are people who like to give during sex

Tops are people who like to give during sex, whether that means penetration or oral sex. They often enjoy having their partners fuck them, tease them, and otherwise play with them during sex. In addition to giving, tops can also receive during sex. Some bottoms are even known as “powerbottoms” and will tell their partners exactly what they want during sex.

Some tops are very particular about what they give. For example, they may only like to perform penetrations with a specific type of dildo or prefer a certain technique. These are called “signature touches.” Other tops prefer to take a more passive role and only enjoy the act of being fucked.

Tops can be a lot of fun, especially when they’re a good communicator. They should be sure to ask their partners what they want and check in regularly to ensure that everyone’s happy. In addition, a good top will also pay attention to cues and be aware of when a position or movement is uncomfortable or painful.

Bottoms are people who like to receive and give

A top is someone who likes to take a more active role in sex, and bottoms are people who enjoy receiving. These terms have been used in the LGBTQ community to describe sexual preferences, but they can also be applied to heterosexual relationships. Whether you’re into penetration, oral, BDSM, or role-playing, these labels can help you find lovers who are a good fit for you.

Some people are “stone tops,” or people who prefer to give and not receive during sex. This can mean penetration or any other act that involves touching during sex. Stone tops are often transmasculine people or lesbians and are sometimes known as butches.

Other people are called switches, or people who enjoy both topping and bottoming. They may like to be tied up, flogged, or have toys used on them. A switch is usually a woman, but men can be switches too. This means that two women who are both switches may be sexually compatible.