What Scorpio Men Like

By Norene Goldwire
June 25th, 2023
What Scorpio Men Like

Scorpio men are intense and intimate with the people they love. They can be jealous of other men in their lives, especially when they see his girlfriend hugging another guy or smiling too much with her male friends.

They appreciate a partner with a sharp intellect and confident opinions. They like to debate. They also enjoy intellectual activities, like discussing books and difficult films.

1. He’s a good listener

Scorpio men know how to communicate. They don’t beat around the bush and are willing to talk about anything. This is something many people find admirable about them.

They also pay attention to body language and will notice things others might not. This can include your outfit, a smirk, or if you’re avoiding eye contact.

They love to be able to share their deepest secrets with their mate. However, if you’re not careful they can become possessive and jealous.

2. He’s passionate

Scorpio men love to live passionately, especially when they’re in love. They feel devoted to their romantic partners and enjoy sharing intimate details of their lives. They appreciate frank discussions about the dark side of life.

They have a ton of emotion and passion bubbling under the surface, no matter how stone cold they seem on the outside. Tease them with subtle overtures that build sexual tension. For example, give him an escape room ticket or a custom journal to write in.

3. He’s honest

He’ll tell you his truth, whether it’s good or bad. In fact, honesty is one of the qualities that he values in a partner most.

He will be honest about his feelings, but he also respects yours. If you’re having trouble, he will help you find solutions that work for both of you.

He’s a loyal friend and will stick by your side no matter what. That said, he might get jealous when he sees you hugging a male friend or getting chummy with another man.

4. He’s loyal

Scorpios are fiercely loyal and devoted to the people they love. They can be jealous and possessive, but if you set healthy boundaries, they’ll respect them.

They won’t let anyone disrespect their mate, and they’ll do everything in their power to protect them. That’s what makes them such great partners!

They’re deep lovers, and they love to know every little quirk, habit, opinion, and preference of their mate. They also have powerful memories, and they’ll never forget a thing.

5. He’s adventurous

Scorpios are all about the mystery, so they’ll often be drawn to things like astrology, UFOs and magic. They also love a good story, and can easily be seduced by a little bit of flirting.

If you want to get to know a Scorpio, it’s best to take them somewhere private where they can talk and be intimate without distractions. They also love oral sex and can be pretty daring in the bedroom.

6. He’s in charge

Ruled by Mars and Pluto, Scorpio men are natural leaders. They’re also intensely focused and persistent. They’ll pursue their goals until they get there — and they won’t let anyone disrespect their mate or lover.

Sometimes, a Scorpio man can come off as cool and distant to others. This is a result of their fixed personality and can leave their mates feeling neglected. It’s important to reassure them that you care about them, which can help form an emotionally rewarding relationship.

7. He’s passionate about everything

Scorpio men are crazy about their jobs, kayaking, hiking, cooking, or building things with their hands. They are also passionate about their home. They love downtime at home to reflect and contemplate life.

They are always planning something, even if they don’t tell you what. They are like a chess player – they strategize carefully, and stay seven steps ahead of everyone else.

You must be genuine with a scorpio man because they can smell superficiality from a mile away. If you can get past this barrier, he is truly a keeper.

8. He’s not afraid of anything

Scorpio men love to flirt and they vibe out magnetic intrigue, so they’re going to attract male attention. Even in a committed relationship, he’s going to have wandering eyes and will probably check out other women as well.

He’s looking for a woman who can keep up with him intellectually. He can’t stand clinginess or neediness, and he prefers someone who can take care of herself without being egotistical.

9. He’s passionate about you

Scorpios are incredibly protective of their loved ones, so it should come as no surprise that he might start taking care of you. You may find him buying you nice dinners or even giving you a personalized perfume.

He also loves to give compliments around you and will notice your new dress or haircut. However, he doesn’t like to hear false flattery. This is one of his biggest pet peeves.