When She’s On Top

By Bhavani Kannan
August 12th, 2018
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Our chat lines are a great place to talk about what you like in bed and to get the conversation started we thought we would talk about when she’s on top. We hope our blog prompts you to give our phone sex chat lines a call and if you don’t have an account, you can start a trial chatlines.

Did you know that reverse cowgirl is one of the top rated positions by men? Not only does it give you amazing views of your lady friend as she grinds away on you but when a woman is on top, controlling the speed of things, men tend to last longer in bed! That’s not to say you can’t help set the pace by grabbing her hips and moving her body faster or slower. As a matter of fact, she may like it when you take control!

Next time you dial into our mature chat lines, why not try setting up a sexy woman on top scenario? Let your partner know you want her to be on top and give you the ride of your life. Remember, good phone sex is descriptive. Let her know how good she looks and ask her to tell you when it feels best. Take her on a tour of your sexual fantasy. Let her guide you in and describe to her how it feels.

Trial chatlines can be just as enjoyable if not more so than real life sex because you can let go of your inhibitions and always feel free to ask for what you want. Prioritize her pleasure in this scenario and see how long you can last with her telling you what she’s doing as you lay back and enjoy the show.  One of the things that makes live phone sex so hot is that you are using your mind and your imagination to give you and your partner the best sexual experience you can imagine. So call in, have her climb on top and learn to talk dirty with one of our hot phone sex operators! She can’t wait to see how big you are.