Why Phone Chats are the Sexiest Way to Deal with Your In-Laws

By Carisa Grandon
November 30th, 2022

It is probably written in some sort of parenting manual, somewhere, that the moment your offspring gets married, parents should become the most overbearing and annoying people possible. While this is not always the case, for an unfortunate number of spouses, finding a way to stay calm throughout their back-handed compliments and personal jabs and insults should be a paid union job all by itself. Add into the mix that they keep criticizing and stressing out your spouse, and it’s difficult to remember why you invite them to Thanksgiving every year to begin with.

There are plenty of ways to make the visit fun with a bit of naughty intrigue with you and your spouse, even with their parents butting in, though. There is always the spiked eggnog or the edibles in your nightstand, or you can have some fun and plan a couple of sexy phone chats to look forward to. Whether it’s a solo session so you can learn some new moves to try out later, or a threesome so you can both have some naughty fun at the same time, the mutual orgasm and release will alleviate some of the stress involved with visitors overstaying their welcome.

To make a naughty game of the visit, have your spouse wear something sexy under their clothes, whether it’s lacy lingerie or a silky set of boxers. When you call in to the chatline later, make sure to describe the underwear to your phone partner. Thinking of the perfect description and how you’ll use that description later will have you smiling from the moment the rolls hit the table until the last morsel of pie is devoured.

Schedule a call in advance, this way you have something to look forward to. If your in-laws are staying in a guest bedroom, divide and conquer! Ask your spouse to keep them occupied while you lock the bedroom door and try to keep the moaning soft! The excitement of your spouse covering for you while you orgasm in the next room is a whole new type of hot and naughty!

Regardless of how you choose to get away with it, the important thing is that you make time for that special call that will have you shooting fluids across the room and writhing in ecstasy. The thrill of interacting with someone who wants you to feel as good as possible, along with the added orgasmic release at the end will put you in a better mood overall.

Since orgasms release happy endorphins that help you relax, your mood will improve for the day and your in-laws won’t be able to do anything about it! Your relaxed energy and happy demeanor may even cause them to relax and have fun, too, so everyone will be happier! All it will cost you is a phone call and some wipes to clean up with!