With Audio Based Sex Tone And Quality Are Essential

By Tamala Stankaitis
April 28th, 2022
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Another consideration for phone sex is the quality of the audio, as well as the tone that comes through the phone and from the other people on the line. There are numerous ways to improve the quality of your phone sex calls, enhancing the experience for both you and others involved. The quality of the audio can also have an effect on the tone of voice that other people hear, making it something to pay attention to as well. In phone sex, the audio is the dominant focus of the fun. People’s imaginations, awareness, and the anticipation that phone sex can bring are also large parts of it but being able to hear the emotion/passion/sexuality in another person’s voice is important.

Pick A Fantastic Place For Chatting

Picking an excellent place for chatting has an impact, as does paying attention to one’s environment and surroundings. Finding a place that is quiet, does not echo, and does not have a lot of external noises that will be picked up by your phone’s microphone is ideal. Many people choose to have phone sex in their bedrooms, as an example. Close the door and lock it if possible. Look to minimize potential interruptions, and if you’d like, you can set the mood in other ways. Candles or low lighting are an example of this, and some candles can also add an erotic scent to the experience. That said, some people are interested in chatting while they are in more public places, having conversations about turn-ons and other topics as well. Finding places that have background noise that is not overwhelming is excellent for people looking to do this. Other things to pay attention to are whether or not a television set is on, whether there are loud vibrations from the HVAC unit, and what to do with pets if they are often barking at people outside. Finding an area that is further away from the sounds, on the other side of the living space, can be ideal.

Selecting A Phone Sex Device

Different devices bring different qualities of audio, and you will want to have a good device when available. Some phones are better than others when it comes to their microphone and their speaker, and there are people who are using a headset or louder speakers as well. Keep in mind that if you are using speakers, the other person might hear themselves through the speaker when the sound travels into the microphone. Due to this, having a headset is a preference for many people. If you are selecting a headset, consider whether you would want a corded headset or a Bluetooth one. Bluetooth headsets run the risk of cutting out every once in a while, while the cords will sometimes get lube on them or be more likely to get in the way. A headset, however, is ideal because it allows both hands to be open for touch time and other phone sex fun. Speakerphones can also function for this, though keep in mind that the microphone could brush across pillows, blankets, and other things. Setting your device on something stable, close enough that you can hear, can be the best plan.

Select Sex Toys And Vibrators Carefully

A certain amount of sound can enhance the phone sex experience, including softer sounds that vibrators make, as well as possible noises that can come from penetration. A vibrator that is too loud, however, can have an impact on how loud a person will have to speak in order to be heard. Phone sex is fantastic, though it is something that is most often done at lower volume levels. The idea is for both people to be relaxed and enjoying themselves, which can be harder for some to do when they are speaking quite loudly. There are many more powerful vibrators out there that have smaller noise levels and more powerful motors, plus sex toys that have low settings that are excellent for all sorts of masturbation fun. Other excellent sex toys you can use include BDSM toys. Spanking, paddling, and other types of impact play are easy to hear over the phone, which in these cases is fantastic. Make sure these things are not happening too close to the microphone, however, as spanking that happens right next to the phone can be loud and sudden, creating a startle effect in the person on the other end of the line. In addition to paying attention to the sounds of toys, vibrators, and in the background, people’s tone of voice also plays a role in ideal phone sex.

A Person’s Tone In Higher Quality Phone Sex

Audio quality is affected by a person’s tone. Whispering is fantastic for phone sex, though the volume a person has should work well for the devices they are using. If the microphone is not picking up a lot of volume, check the settings and see if you can make them a bit more sensitive. If you cannot, ponder talking a little bit more loudly if the other person is having some difficulty hearing you. Many devices are excellent for phone sex at a whisper, and headsets can be wonderful for keeping a microphone closer to your mouth so the other person can hear you clearly. Finding a good combination of volume and tone is essential. The goal is for the other person to not have to continuously ask you what you are saying and for you to not have to do the same for them. Phone sex conversations are often best when they have a flow, allowing for both people to go back and forth within the conversation. This is most easily done with higher quality audio, great tone, articulation, and a fantastic environment.


Final Notes

Most people who use phone sex chat lines are using their cell phones, and most cell phones are excellent when it comes to being able to hear other people and speak to them. This is the main function cell phones are designed for. That said, be aware of the devices you use, the environment around you, and how you are speaking. Being articulate, talking at a medium speed, and asking the other person if they can hear you while early in the call can all provide fantastic benefits to your phone sex sessions.